Music Ministry

Join us for one of many opportunities to not only enjoy music, but to let it breathe into your soul, and experience awe and majesty of God’s wonders through the gift of music.

For you, O Lord, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy
– Psalm 92:4

“No created powers can mar our Lord Jesus’ music, nor spill our song of Joy. Let us then be glad and rejoice in the salvation of our Lord.”
– Samuel Retherford

Music Ministry

If you have a desire to get more involved in the life of the parish, please consider joining our Music Ministry. Our worship services are often lead by choir, handbells, or instrumentalists. Through the study of Scripture, we learn to love God intellectually, and through music we are inspired to love God with our hearts. It is this essential contribution to the liturgy and worship life of St. Margaret’s that those who participate in this ministry meet. For more information, contact Interim Minister of Music Timothy Duhr –

Chancel Choir

Drawing upon the centuries-old choral traditions of English churches and cathedrals as well as the repertoire of our own time and place, the Chancel Choir at St. Margaret’s sings every Sunday after Labor Day until Trinity Sunday at the 11:15 AM service. The choir, augmented by a professional quartet, welcomes volunteers.

On Sundays, the choir warms up between services from 10:15 AM to 11:00 AM. Rehearsals are held after the 11:15 AM Eucharist from 12:45 PM to 2:00 PM.Besides our weekly contribution to worship, the choir also performs special music during the seasons of Advent and Lent, and presents a major choral work four times a year.


The ancient art of handbell ringing adds beauty to our worship on a monthly basis.St. Margaret’s Ringers are our volunteer handbell choir. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings in the right transept of the santuary from 6:45 PM to 8:15 PM and occur from September through May. At St. Margaret’s we play a three-octave set of Malmark handbells.

Highlights include the joining with the Chancel Choir on Christmas Eve and at Easter to enhance the beauty of the worship experience. Anyone who has ever had piano lessons, played an instrument in a school band or orchestra, or sung in any choir will find joining the bell choir fairly easy and a lot of fun.

The Bell Choir is looking for new ringers. The ideal ringer is an adult who can come most Thursday evenings to practice from 6:45 until 8:00, and who has had musical experience in the past. Handbell ringing is not complicated, but takes a certain level of concentration. It’s fun, rewarding and provides light exercise for the upper body.

Youth Choir

St. Margaret’s Children’s Choir exists to offer our children an opportunity to enhance their worship, share their musical gifts with the congregation, and demonstrate our parish’s commitment to the meaningful inclusion of all of our members.

Rehearsals will be held on Monday evenings at 6:30pm beginning January 2017. Children ages 5-12 are welcome.


1904 MP Moller
1947 Newcommer
1999 Lewis & Hitchcock

The organ produces a most versatile and flexible design. The new console has keyboards and pedalboard featuring Maple naturals and Walnut sharps. The interior woodwork is Eucalyptus Burl, and the exterior is Oak, finished to match the chancel furniture. The console has an integral dolly system and multiplex action that enables it to be located anywhere within the chancel area. There are 99 levels of memory with keys for various sections that can be assigned to the organists of the groups that use the building. New mixtures and reeds, as well as rebuilt Vox Humana, Harp and Chimes, and robust English Voicing, enable the organ to perform music of all periods, but especially the anthems in the Anglican Tradition.

16′        Gedackt
8′          Principal
8′          Hohlflote
8′          Gedeckt (Po)
8′          Voix Celeste II (SW)
4′          Octave
4′          Flote
4′          Voix Celeste II (SW)
2 2/3′    Nasat (PO)
2′          Fifteenth
2′          Waldflote
2′          Fourniture II-III
1′          Cymbale II (PO)
8′          English Trumpet
8′          Trumpet (SW)
Schulmerich Carillon
Maryland Chimes
Zimbelstern (5 bells)
8′          Swell to Great
4′          Swell to Great
8′          Positiv to Great
Great/Positiv Transfer

16′        RohrBordun
8′          Diapason
8′          Rohrflote
8′          Salicional
8′          Voix Celeste
8′          Unda Maris II
4′          Octave
4′          Flute Triangulaire
2′          Super Octave
2′          Flute
2 2/3′    Sesquialtera II tc
2′          Plein Jeu IV
16′        Bassoon
8′          Trumpet
8′          Oboe
8′          Vox Humana
4′          Clarion
4′          Swell to Swell

8′          Gedackt
8′          Unda Maris II (SW)
4′          Octave (GT)
4′          Koppelflote
4′          Unda Maris II (SW)
2 2/3′    Nasat
2′          Prinzipal
1 3/5′    Terz
1 1/3′    Quinte
1′          Cymbale II
8′          English Trumpet (GT)
8′          Krummhorn
Harp (49 bars)
8′          Swell to Positiv
4′          Swell to Positiv

32′        Resultant
16′        Open Diapason
16′        Bourdon (SW)
16′        Rohrbordun (SW)
8′          Diapason
8′          Bourdon (SW)
8′          Rohrbordun (SW)
4′          Octave
4′          Koppelflote (PO)
4′          Rohrflote (SW)
2 2/3′    Rausch Quint II
1 1/3′    Mixture II
16′        Trombone (SW)
16′        Bassoon (SW)
8′          English Trumpet (GT)
4′          Krummhorn
8′          Great to Pedal
8′          Swell to Pedal
4′          Swell to Pedal
8′          Positiv to Pedal


At St. Margaret's we rely on financial gifts from members and guests to support our ministries and mission. There are a number of ways to give, including making a formal annual pledge.

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