The Rev. Dr. Bertram Nagarajah

The Reverend Dr. Bertram Nagarajah splits his ministry between two coasts, serving part-time as the deacon at St. Margaret’s, as well as the deacon at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Sunnyvale, Calif. Bertram holds a Bachelor’s of Diaconal Studies from the School for Deacons in Berkeley, California. He is an electrical engineer by training and holds a Ph.D. in information technology. He works a full-time job in the aerospace industry.

Bertram is passionate about the wellbeing of those experiencing homelessness, and his diaconal ministry includes extending pastoral care to this community. He was involved at St. Margaret’s ministry Charlie’s Place in the early days. He is currently part of the Move Mountain View California Board – a non-profit that created the safe parking program called “Lots of Love,” which provides people who live in their vehicles a safe place to park and rest during the night.


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