Dear Friends,

The Church invites us to prepare for Christ’s passion and resurrection through the observance of a “holy Lent” — a season of penance and fasting. But fasting means something more than restricting one’s diet or abstaining from a favorite thing. Indeed, the Book of Common Prayer explains that our Lenten preparation should involve “self-examination and repentance; by prayer, fasting, and self-denial; and by reading and meditating on God’s holy Word.”

In some respects, the whole of the last year may have felt like a Lenten experience. We experienced loss, denial, and a life beyond what was once our daily norm. We learned new things about ourselves, both as individuals and as a society. And some of those things left us uncomfortable or even more intent to help build God’s kingdom as we move toward the future. And, through all those ups and downs, many of us found God in surprising moments of darkness and stillness, as well as in joy.

St. Margaret’s Lenten formation offering this year is designed to support and nurture such a process of spiritual exploration and development. “Discover” is borrowed from the first of a three-part program developed by the Diocese of Colorado to provide a framework for Spirit-seekers to better understand themselves in the context of their relationship with God, and to undertake a journey of faith toward deepening and clarifying that relationship with each other.

“Discover” consists of a six-week series of meetings on Zoom at 12:30 p.m. on Sundays throughout Lent, beginning on Sunday, February 21, and ending on Palm Sunday, March 28. Facilitated by mentors drawn from our own parish, we will be able to share our own stories in a trusted setting and explore the spiritual truths that make us human and give our lives meaning. The study of scripture provides the foundation, but we will experiment with different creative tools and techniques to help us understand God’s activity in our lives and how God may be inviting us to change. All that is needed is your time and an openness to transformation!

We hope you’ll join us to discover and share our stories this Lent. Follow the button below to register today.


Ron Lorentzen, Diana Gustafson+, and Richard Weinberg+

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