We are St. Margaret’s: a social justice–oriented church that has been in Dupont Circle and proudly served our community for 125 years. St. Margaret’s has become a home for the many streams of people that flow into Washington – affluent and homeless; gay, straight, and transgender; cradle Episcopalians and wandering atheists; kids and old folks. Languages from around the globe are heard in the parish hall, all raised in voices of praise, justice, and witness.
Our mission and beliefs are important to us as a church, and it is important that candidates value them as well: 
  1. LGBTQIA advocacy
  2. Affordable housing and helping those experiencing homelessness
  3. Immigration and refugee justice
  4. Gun violence prevention
  5. Racial justice 
We are looking for someone to not only handle our social media presence, but who will work hard to think up out-of-the-box strategies for engaging with community and growing our membership. 
This will be a remote position, that will involve minimal face-to-face meetings with parish leadership at St. Margaret’s. 
  1. Research and develop best practices, and implement a daily content calendar to help us meet and exceed our main objectives: 
  2. Encouraging existing members to attend church regularly and be more involved with us online
  3. Encourage new people to attend church services and functions 
  4. Increase our engagement with like-minded charities and social justice organizations in the D.C. metro area
  5. Find innovative ways to engage with and share information related to our core advocacy missions and beliefs through social media. 
  6. Creatively and innovatively drive social media content and engagement across various social media channels. 
  7. Partner with the parish to assist in the development and execution of St. Margaret’s social initiatives and strategies
  8. Monitor, cultivate, and engage with followers on a daily basis, participating in conversations that surround our content, core values, and audiences.
  9. Track growth and engagement, and report on social media analytics
  1. This is a very entry level position 
  2. You must be responsible and self-governing. Besides strategizing and initial proofing, there will be very little management for this role. 
  3. Basic understanding of marketing and social media platforms, and eagerness to learn!
  4. Ability to adapt voice and an exceptional visual intelligence with a “good eye” to identify visual content that will resonate with followers
  5. A wealth of fun, creative ideas and a social-savvy exuberance to keep on track with our goals
  1. A bachelor’s degree (or for students, an in-progress degree) 
  2. Demonstrated success managing social media communities (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
  3. Experience with and the ability to collect and analyze information from multiple data sources to uncover insights, statistics, and trends; tools include but are not limited to SproutSocial, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics
  4. Understanding of optimization of content by platform and the nuances of each platform
  5. Experience in– or interest in– learning WordPress
JOB TYPE: Internship, part-time. Six-month contract with the option for renewal. 
SALARY: $14.00/hour for 4-5 hours of work per week

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