6/13/2010 -- The Rev. Susan N. Blue -- The Wedding of John McCall and Dan Hicks

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“Each one of us is called to live out the Covenant of Baptism in our daily life and work. For some this includes a relationship of fidelity and mutuality with another person in the sacrament of marriage that becomes a sign of God’s steadfast love. These relationships, a source of comfort and joy, are gifts given by God that the whole world might be blessed through them.”
(The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage Covenant)
The Diocese of Washington

We have embarked on a joyful and exciting journey in this city and in this Diocese as it is finally possible for two people to be united in Holy Matrimony despite the color of their skin, their ethnic background or their gender. This is a landmark decision, particularly for people like Dan and Johnm who have been together in a healthy relationship for eighteen years. The church calls all people who are living in a monogamous relationship to create a new community of intimacy; one that gives life and love to each and blessings to those around them. The creation of such a community is not easy. It requires a love that is not simply an emotion, but is an act of will -- one that is renewed daily throughout their lives. It is characterized by intimacy -- an intimacy grounded in trust, vulnerability and clear boundaries. It is nurtured by laughter, shared experience, mutual intellectual challenge and a concern for others. Such a relationship is profoundly attractive to others as it is rightly perceived as energizing, safe and joyful. John and Dan have created such a relationship.

Marriage is characterized by mutuality, the symbols of which are the giving of rings and making identical vows. You, Dan and John, are called not to sameness, but to balance. That mutuality is under girded by intimacy, that state of relationship for which all of us long. In that intimacy there is safety and vulnerability. This is sealed by the promises you will make in this covenant and under girded by love that is both respectful and faithful. The blessing of the church transforms marriage into Christian Marriage.

The demanding love that this couple has embraced and nurtured over these many years is to be firmly grounded in their commitment to God -- the source of and support for that love. They are walking the path of life together -- celebrating the love God has given them and sharing that freely with all whom they encounter. The Gospel of Luke and Paul’s letter to the church at Corinth are clear that the love of God is limitless as shown by Jesus to his followers. That love, in turn, is to be shared by God’s people with one another. In that way we are a sign of God in a troubled world.

I am certain that all who are witnessing your marriage, John and Dan, join me in committing themselves to support and celebrate your on going life together. May God continue to pour out the richness of many blessings upon you and all of those whom you love.