Why we give

Stewardship is about responsibly sharing the gifts that we have gratefully received from God. At St. Margaret's we rely on financial gifts from members and guests to support our ministries and mission. 

During our annual stewardship campaign, conducted in October and November, we ask our members to make a formal annual pledge in whatever amount God has called them to give. This commitment serves as a tangible sign of engagement in the work of our church. The Vestry then uses these commitments to develop the parish budget for the next year. Pledge commitments enable the Vestry to make wise decisions and build for a sustainable and responsible financial future. Put simply, every pledge counts, and every pledge matters. 

How you can give

Members may choose to make their commitment on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. It can be paid at church services, online through Realm, through other recurring automatic services, or by mail.  Among the advantages of giving through Realm are: the ability to set up automatic payments enabling you to maintain your pledge regularly, permitting you to monitor your giving at any time while providing the parish with greater certainty with our recurring cash flow needs.

At Services
(1) Pledge Envelopes: St. Margaret’s makes available small envelopes for each person who pledges, personalized with a distinct number. You can use those envelopes to drop in the collection plate during the service.  
(2) Check: Put a check in offering plate with 2017 Pledge in the Memo line.
(3) Cash: If you are using cash to pay your pledge, please use the pledge envelopes or attach a note saying the cash is for your 2017 pledge. 
By Mail 
Send your check with 2017 Pledge in the memo line to:
St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church
1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Online through Realm
This is the best way for you to give regularly to St. Margaret’s.  It is easy and secure* and gives you immediate access to your giving history.  Here are the steps to take:
1.  Go to your Profile on Realm:
2.  Click on giving on the left-hand column
3. Click on +Give
4.  Type in the amount you want to give and the fund you want to give to (Annual Pledge, Altar or Flower Guild or Building Preservation Fund). 
5. Indicate the Frequency of giving (one time, weekly, monthly, etc.) 
6. Identify the payment method (from your checking account, savings account, credit card or debit card). If you use a credit or debit card, please add 5% to your contribution to cover the credit card costs.  
7.  Review your information and click Give.

*Realm partners with Vanco, a merchant services provider, to process financial transactions. Vanco is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Level Compliant Service Provider. For detailed information, please go to We have consulted with two parishioners knowledgeable about online security and both affirmed their confidence in the security of the Vanco system. Further questions may be addressed to Linda Heaney, Parish Treasurer.    
Online through Your Bank’s Bill Pay Services
1. You can set this up as a one-time, or as an automatic-recurring payment.
2. Your bank mails a paper check to St. Margaret’s.
3. There is no cost to you for using this service, and no service charge or fee deducted from the amount received.
4. The contact details you need to set up the church as an online bill pay account with your bank are: St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, 1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008, 202-232-2995.
5. You can stop or change these payments at any time through your bank’s Bill Pay website.
6. If you have never used this service before, simply go to your bank's web page and click on a tab for online banking services or online bill pay. You will then be walked through the set up.  

Online through PayPal
1. Click on the link below and follow the instructions.
2. You can set this up as a one-time, or as an automatic-recurring payment.
3. Your contribution is deposited directly into St. Margaret’s PayPal account.
4. The parish receives an email notification of your pledge payment.
5. There is a small service charge deducted by PayPal from the amount credited to St. Margaret’s.
6. You can stop or change these payments at any time online through PayPal.

Gifts of Stocks, Securities and Property
St. Margaret’s welcomes gifts of stock, securities and property. Your gift will allow the church to receive the full market value of the donated asset while enabling you to realize potentially significant tax benefits. Please contact Linda Heaney, Treasurer, for detailed instructions. 

Gifts Through Planned Giving
Planned giving allows you to leave a legacy for the ongoing structural, operational and ministerial needs of St. Margaret’s. We gratefully welcome gifts through such mechanisms as charitable gift annuities, life insurance, trusts, wills, retirement accounts, and life estates. Please consult your attorney or financial planner to discuss these various opportunities.