St Margaret's Greeters

The Newcomers Committee is reviving our "Greeters" ministry. St. Margaret's Greeters are the front-line representatives of our church community to visitors and newcomers, guarantying that those who walk 
through our doors are welcomed into our parish home and encouraged to become a member of St. Margaret's. They act as the church's initial liaison by answering any questions visitors or newcomers may have and connecting them with those within the church who can best address their concerns or answer their questions. 

    Once a month, each Greeter arrives approximately twenty minutes before the start of their selected church service and stays approximately twenty minutes following the end of their service to interact with visitors and newcomers. The time commitment for this ministry is minimal. The Greeters Ministry is a 
wonderful way of helping to grow our church community by expanding our membership and sharing our church and its mission with others. Please consider becoming a part of this vital ministry at St. Margaret's. For more information on volunteering to be a Greeter, please contact Ken Hines via the church office.