Rummage Sale

Men’s, women’s & children’s clothes and accessories, housewares, linens, decorative items, tools, small electronics, sporting goods, toys, luggage at bargain prices as well as jewelry and collectibles.

We're at 1820 Connecticut Ave. NW: Four blocks north of the Dupont Circle Metro and on the 42 bus line. We hope to see you there.

All proceeds support the ministries of St. Margaret's Episcopal Church, an inclusive, justice-seeking worship community that welcomes you.

Want to Help?

The sale is a big undertaking that happens through the work of many hands. We help connect our neighbors with affordable things they need or treasures that delight, while raising funds for our ministry. And it's an opportunity to meet new folks or get to know your pew-mate better while working together for a common goal.

You can help by spreading the word and volunteering.

To spread the word: Share the sale date, time, and description at top of this page on your neighborhood list serv or Facebook page. Take flyers this Sunday and put them on public bulletin boards in your neighborhood and/or Adams-Morgan, Mt. Pleasant, Dupont, U Street, etc. Volunteer to help post flyers in area around the church Friday the 25th or very, very early Saturday the 26th.

To volunteer: Below are descriptions of the kind of help we need and dates and times when we'll be needing it.

Ready to pitch in? Email Julie Polter at

Set-up and Sorting

Monday, Oct. 21-Thursday, Oct. 24
Sorting, folding, hanging, testing electronics, tossing what won't sell, pricing: We do it all. Usually have some options for seated work or at least fairly stationary (while also welcoming those who don't mind some leg work). Very satisfying for those who like to bring order out of chaos, find folding clothes after a hard day at work relaxing, love thinking about the stories behind a sweater or a tea cup, or are just willing to pitch in with whatever it takes to get a big job done.

Saturday, Oct. 26, SALE DAY

During the sale 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.: We need check-out clerks and cashiers, jewelry salespeople, floor staff (answer questions, help keep clothing stacks and racks tidy, guide lost shoppers, be a smiling, welcoming, and observant presence, run discarded items from ladies' dressing room back to the sales floor), lunch prep help and cleanup.

After the sale, 2:01-4:30 p.m.:
Cleanup. Help bag unsold items up for take away by another charity, discard trash, assist in disassembling and orderly stashing of the racks, putting away hangers and other supplies, putting hymnals, BCPs, and cushions back in the pews, sweeping, and generally helping make St. Margaret's ready for 9 a.m. worship on Sunday -- it's an annual miracle!

*Come back and join us on sale day, Saturday, October 26, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Shop for bargains you need or check out our boutique, jewelry, and "Tiffany" departments for treasures that delight.