Rev. Susan N. Blue Preservation Fund

    St. Margaret’s Church is an historic place, with many architectural and artistic features that enrich our spiritual lives. Equally important, however, its location in the heart of Washington, DC gives our parish a special calling to outreach, the most widely known example of which is Charlie’s Place. 

    At the same time, we must recognize that our beautiful buildings at St. Margaret’s are over 100 years old. Maintaining our properties is vital to all programs and ministries. Several years ago, some very expensive infrastructure repairs were required to keep the buildings safe, including repairing leaking steam pipes, fixing leaking roofs, and replacing a worn-out security system. The Vestry carefully considered the options and concluded that the best strategy to pay for those repairs was to separate them from the regular operating budget. 

    To pay for the infrastructure repairs required to keep the building safe and habitable, a 15-year commercial loan of $175,000 was obtained. In order to pay it off rapidly to avoid burdening the parish, the Building Preservation Fund was established. The purpose of the Fund is to pay for capital costs (i.e., non-recurring costs) for repairing and improving our buildings. This fund is managed separately from the operating fund and is thus separate from pledges and the Stewardship campaign. Contributions to the Fund will not only help St. Margaret’s pay off the funds borrowed to complete earlier, vital repairs and improvements, but also ensure that similar future investments (such as the maintenance of our stained glass windows) can be made without impact on the annual operating budget we need to maintain our programs and ministries.

    With this in mind, Susan has informed the Vestry that if anyone is thinking of purchasing a farewell gift for her, she’d prefer that they instead make a contribution to St. Margaret’s Building Preservation Fund. This allows the Building Preservation Fund to become a gift fund in perpetuity in a way that will shelter and sustain our spiritual life and outreach at St. Margaret’s in the years to come. There could be no more fitting legacy for Susan’s time here at St. Margaret’s.

    In recognition of Susan’s dedication and love for the St. Margaret’s buildings and properties over the last 13 years, the Vestry voted to rename our building fund the “Rev. Susan N. Blue Building Preservation Fund”. Her leadership has included overseeing major projects such as the beautiful Parish Hall renovation, which is something we can see every day, and the repair of our roof and plumbing systems, which is something we can’t see but should still be thankful for.

    We ask you to think carefully and prayerfully about how you can contribute to maintaining the warm and beautiful sanctuary that St. Margaret’s Church provides for our worship and for our outreach. We ask that you think also about how you can help honor Susan’s time at St. Margaret’s by ensuring the maintenance of our buildings for future generations of parishioners – and for all those in Washington, DC who benefit from our outreach. Please consider contributing what you can. No amount is too small.

    You may complete the form by clicking on the link below. Please note the responses to the form are encrypted, your privacy is secured by the TRUSTe Privacy Program and VeriSign Secure, and only office staff see this information. We encourage you to respond online, but if you would prefer to contribute by mail, please contact Jim Riegel at the Parish Office (202.232.2995 or via e-mail at to request that a copy be mailed to you.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration, your generosity, and for all you do to sustain the community and mission of St. Margaret’s.

Jim Dougan
Chair, 2010 Rev. Susan N. Blue Building Preservation Fund Campaign