Thank you to all who helped Holy Week happen at St. M's

posted Apr 4, 2013, 7:21 PM by Terry Brady   [ updated Apr 4, 2013, 7:21 PM by Parish Administrator ]
THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank you to all who helped Holy Week happen at St. M's: those who served on altar guild or in worship; arranged palms, flowers, furniture or liturgical items; cooked and prepared delicious sustenance; planned or led or preached at services; rang, sang, played, and sang some more; ushered and greeted our visitors; and those unsung heroes who cleaned up after all was said and done. There are things that God alone knows that some of you did, and for those things too, we give thanks! Together we celebrated 11 services (13 if you count each hour of the Good Friday services!) and it was a community effort from start to finish. You have our deepest gratitude, Emily and Kym.


The clergy would like to express gratitude and appreciation to Parish Administrator Wayne Floyd who produced the bulletins for the 11 Holy Week and Easter services, all while answering doors, phones, and the questions of parishioners, priests, plumbers, Buddhists, exterminators and stove repair persons, designing banners and solving problems large and small.  We could all worship because of his work and dedication. When you get a chance, thank him!