Sunday Forum on Muslim-Christian Understanding

posted Aug 11, 2013, 5:23 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Aug 11, 2013, 5:23 PM by Parish Administrator ]
Zeyneb and Salih Sayilgan, Chaplains in Residence and doctoral students at Georgetown University, spoke to a packed room today at St. Margaret's about their views and experiences with Christian-Muslim relations.  Zeyneb spoke beautifully about finding the divine in every person.  Interfaith dialog is part of her spirituality because if she is not speaking with people of other faiths, she is missing out on the aspects of God that they manifest.  She also spoke about nature as a guidebook to God's beauty and creation.  Salih continued that God created the universe and people to be a mirror of God's beauty, and to appreciate beauty.  One thing that all religions today must teach their followers is to put aside some of the distractions of modern life and spend time with God and studying religion. 
The appreciative St. Margaret's audience asked questions about how we as Christians can get involved in the dialog.  Zeyneb recommended Diana Eck's website at Harvard, which lists interfaith activities - see the section on DC at .  How can we learn more about Islam?  Salih recommended the book Vision of Islam by William Chittick.  Another great interfaith resource is  Thanks to Linda Ferneyhough and Tim Green for inviting Zeyneb and Salih to our forum and we hope that they will come back!