Lent With Harry Potter

posted Jan 30, 2015, 11:15 AM by Parish Administrator   [ updated Mar 20, 2015, 12:50 PM ]
Looking for a different way to keep a holy Lent?

How about spending four Wednesday evenings -- February 25, March 4, 11 and 18 in the Parish Hall-- with other Seekers thinking about God and Harry Potter?   

Dr. Patricia Lyons will lead our Lenten Lecture series. She is the author of "The Soul of Adolescence," a book focused on the spiritual life of teenagers. Dr. Lyons is a member of the Church of the Epiphany in DC and teaches theology at an Episcopal high school in Alexandria, as well as teaching summer and evening courses in systematic theology at the Virginia Theological Seminary. Dr. Lyons has taught at seminaries and in parishes on C.S. Lewis, Sigmund Freud, and faith development in families.  In addition she has delivered over 100 classes, lectures and workshops across the country on the theological themes in Harry Potter. She is currently working on her latest book, "Harry Potter for the Pulpit," on using Rowling's epic for teaching and preaching the Christian faith.

Join us for a Lenten adventure. On our first night, your Muggle experience of past Lents will end and you will be Sorted into one of the four Houses. (Suggestion: don't give up chocolate frogs for Lent). Come and let your imagination be fed this Lent so that it might feed your faith for the rest of the year. All ages are welcome.

No prior knowledge of Christianity or of the Harry Potter stories is necessary to be a Seeker!

Doors open at 6:15. Conversation from 6:30-8:00 p.m.