Christmas Outreach Abounds at St. Margaret’s!

posted Nov 22, 2014, 11:10 AM by Julie Polter   [ updated Dec 18, 2014, 10:48 AM by Parish Administrator ]
Consider participating in two opportunities to spread the Christmas spirit. Choose just one or participate in both, as the spirit moves you!

For over 20 years, St. Margaret’s has hosted Charlie’s Place Homeless Ministry; and for over a decade, we have partnered with Mary’s Center (health care, education and social services)  of Adams Morgan to assist our neighbors in feeling God’s presence through our partnership. As our Christmas outreach ministry grows, we are trying new ways to empower ministry recipients to better meet their true needs.

First Opportunity: Sponsor a Mary’s Center Family [ Deadline is Dec. 7 ]

This year, sponsoring a Mary’s Center Family will still involve shopping; but, not as much as in years past!

To sponsor a Mary’s Center Family:

1) Select the family you want to sponsor, beginning Nov. 23 (after services). Short family biographies will assist you with this decision. Dan Sealy ( and/or Bryan Vinyard ( [Home: 301-897-3249] will have a few copies of the family bios available for you to read.

2) Make your purchases:

a. Purchase and wrap ONE gift for the entire family, symbolic of this season of giving (e.g., a board game, cookies, or candies) using the family’s bio to assist with your choice, and

b. Purchase a gift card(s) for a store(s) frequented by Mary’s Center Families. A list of 3 or 4 stores will be provided when you select your family. Based on past efforts for this ministry, we suggest a minimum of $40.00 per person in each family. You are welcome to sponsor part of a family and share that family with another parishioner.

3) Deliver your gift and gift card to St. Margaret’s no later than Sunday, Dec. 7th ; so they can be delivered to the families to allow them time to shop before Christmas.

Second Opportunity: Stockings for Charlie’s Place Clients [ Deadline is Dec. 14 ]

If you are one of those who actually likes the bustle of the holiday season (including shopping), or if you are looking to strengthen our connection to Charlie’s Place, this is a great opportunity for you!

To provide a “Stocking” for a Charlie’s Place Client:

1) Obtain a string bag (i.e., “stocking”) and a list of requested items of basic necessity and instructions for filling the stocking. Amy or Laurence Ruberl (or another announced “elf”) will have bags available, Sundays after services, beginning Nov. 23. You can alternatively reserve a bag by contacting Laurence ( ) or Amy Ruberl ( ).