A Vision of St. Margaret's Future: Report from the 2016 Committee

posted Nov 11, 2013, 6:26 AM by Terry Brady   [ updated Nov 13, 2013, 4:50 PM ]
The following presentation was presented by the 2016 Committee on Sunday Nov 10.

Discussion on November 10, 2013, following slide presentation by 2016 Committee:


Cathie:  We are looking for high level, strategic guidance from you all.  We won't get into the weeds at this discussion.

 Dan Sealy:  We will be sending out a survey on ministries in which you can share further thoughts.

Ann Chase:   If we, e.g., want to host a church service in local park to introduce ourselves to our neighbors, and have been told it is a good idea, how do we get that on the church calendar?


Linda:  While Wayne, the Church Administrator, is in charge of calendaring, I see this as a resource, rather than a calendar, issue.  We suggest you approach with the contacts for Evangelism -- Ann Yonemura, Terry Brady and Mason Ingram-- to discuss options.

 Andrew Schneider:  St Margaret's Honduras' ministry - how does it fit in?  Committee: we were focused upon future options, rather than current ministries.  Andrew:  Are there ministries or missions which won't survive? Do you expect more resources for new ministries, or shifting among current and new with same resources? 


Diana:  We anticipate some difficult discussions  and decisions on how to best use existing resources; there may well be adjustments of existing programs, etc. 

Cathie:  The Church will need to have realistic discussions re opportunities and resources in each bucket.  We may approach 2 or 3 in near future.  We are under no illusion that we will be starting up 14 new/revised ministries.  The most difficult thing for groups, or individuals, to do is to STOP doing something. 

 Illa Ammerson:   The Vestry is currently looking at resource issues; this discussion/concern fits in with that parallel effort.

 Ron Lorentzen:  I have been doing strategic planning for work the last six months. I urge you to not consider the buckets/focus areas in silo fashion.  There could be connective tissue among them.  We may need to further explore and understand the connection points. 

 Barbara Rollinson:  This is so interesting because these proposals are bringing back ministries we had. For example, pastoral care and annual retreats were very important in years past.  What goes around comes around.

 Janice Hicks [one of two leaders for the Education bucket]:  We have ten people active in Sunday School education.  We will be sending out a survey on adult education, separate from ministries survey. 

 Florence Palmer:   This committee needs to get feedback from those who are not here, today. How will you do that?

 Rev. Kym Lucas:  You have identified the big challenge of the urban church.  For many reasons -- size of church/people's schedules/etc--- you can't get everyone in the same place at the same time to talk. We are trying in many ways [citing Terry's extensive work re internet]  to improve our communication within the larger church community.

 Esther:  What about strategic partnerships with outside groups to leverage some of these ministries?  Have you considered?


Linda:  Yes, for example the Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving points of outreach:  Should we channel those efforts through outside ministries which specialize in such items?

Kate:  Yes, social justice issues like gun control groups. 

Melissa:  We could still have a "St. Margaret's Group" together working with that outside ministry; it is still a community effort/bonding  experience.

 Andrew:  St. Columba's has 32 kids in a class, where we struggle to have two.  Is there a way to create a partnership?

 Dan Sealy:  Don't think of the ministries survey as a "who is off the football team" exercise.  It is a way to get YOUR thoughts and suggestions re: whether a particular ministry is helping to build our congregation, reach our larger  community.  If you identify a ministry and aren't willing to lead or cannot identify a leader, then that is potentially significant.  This may not be the right effort for this group. 


Melissa:  Please look at the "Recommendation Criteria" in the Committee's slides and use those to help you consider your suggestions. 

Tom Blackburn: When we got a grant for Susan Blues sabbatical, we made a commitment to the Lilly Corporation that we would work toward reconciliation of churches that have broken away from the Episcopal church.  We should, in this analysis, consider how we reach out to lost/departed congregations.

Please see the slide "Interested, Want to Get Involved" for information about follow-up to the committee's work.

2016 Committee
Cathie Siders, Linda Heaney, Kate Blackburn, Julie Polter, Lou Steadwell, Diana Marchesi, Melissa Shaw, Terry Brady