A Letter from the Senior Warden

posted May 14, 2010, 7:41 PM by Unknown user
Having participated in the search process and onboarding of six members of the executive staff at my workplace in the last 18 months, I have given considerable thought to the role of the wardens in the transition that will follow Susan's departure from St. Margaret's. Transition is always a time of uncertainty, even with the best people and the most favorable circumstances. When the leader is changing, continuity in other key roles can ease the natural anxiety about how things will be different when the new leader comes. I am currently finishing the first year of a second term as senior warden. To serve out this term would mean changing senior wardens during the tenure of the interim rector and at a time that may well be the height of the search process. In the interest of continuity, I have, therefore, asked to step down after the annual meeting in May so that another warden may be appointed, with the prospect of serving throughout the transition. It has been both a privilege and a joy to serve the people of St. Margaret's on the vestry for these seven years. I will hope to serve in some other way as we move into and eventually beyond the transition. /s/ Carol Aschenbrener