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Collects created by St. Margaret's EFM group

EFM Collects for April 17, 2013

posted Apr 18, 2013, 6:28 PM by Terry Brady

Thanks to Ron Lorentzen for sharing these!

Opening Prayer

O God, our sacred spring of living water and resplendent life

Eternal and regenerating source of all mystery, mercy and grace

We offer you thanks for our bodies, which have brought us together this night in physical and spiritual communion

We offer thanks for our minds, which you have set aflame with the spark of desire to know you more fully and more deeply

We offer thanks for the Spirit, which fuses and propels our bodies and minds together towards a more revealing discernment of your love and intention for us

Awash our minds

Ignite our hearts

Inspire our souls

The elements of earth, air, fire and water rejoice in your glory and majesty

Bring us nearer to you, O God, through our fellowship, study and reflection

This night and always


Closing Prayer

Heavenly Source of the Once and Future Paradise

As we revel in the abundance of your eternal spring

Cultivate in us a fuller appreciation of your love and Word

Nurture in us the seeds of new life in your eternal salvation

Walk with us and protect us this night, as we move through the wilderness of this world to the refuge of our intimacy with you, in our hearts and in our homes

We thank you for the restorative blessing of this community of your faithful prophets and apostles

Helps us to continue to follow and listen to one another as we enter into a more transcendent understanding of your Word and mission for each of us

In the name of your holy mysteries


St. Margaret's EFM Collect for Jan 9, 2013

posted Jan 23, 2013, 5:33 PM by Terry Brady   [ updated Jan 23, 2013, 5:33 PM ]

COLLECT(in the form of a Litany):  01-09-13
O God,
            Help me when I walk into a wall.
O God,
            Help me when I need to get out of your way.
O God,
            Help me to be more truly me.
O God,
            Help us to be and see the newness of your creation.
O God,
Help me to live in the moment, to enjoy, and to preserve the peace, tranquility, and beauty of your creation, infinite for all time.
O God,
            Help me to be open when life/the path are not clear.
O God,
Release me from the constraints of fear and judgment , so that I may experience more fully your love and purpose.
O God,
            Let your effervescence shake me loose into your peace.

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