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The Oldest Photos (1908)  

In 1908, we are shown the Men and Boys Choir processing out of the sanctuary. The Reverend Herbert Scott Smith (1899-1940) stands at the rear.  

This image shows an empty sanctuary decked out for Holy Week, also in 1908.  

This image from about 1915 shows the newly reconfigured church from the southeast corner taken on the corner of Connecticut and Florida Avenues.  

At present the details of this photo are a mystery. Perhaps you know the individuals or the circumstances of the event it depicts? We'd love to know! Although it seems fair to surmise that the woman on the left is St. Margaret, and with the apparent dramatization of a resurrection it could have something to do with Easter, or perhaps St. Margaret's Day. And in any event, it's just a great picture! 

The Celebration of Our 50th Anniversary May 18, 1947  

The most interesting aspect of this photo is the lack of apparent racial diversity. It is a stark reminder that Washington D.C. in 1947 was a very different city than it is today, and St. Margaret's reflected that difference. 
A Tradition of Service & Outreach  

Circa 1950 Members of the parish and also members of the Red Cross work in the parish hall to prepare first aid kits. 

The Rev. Malcolm Marshall and Choir poised to process on Palm Sunday, 1977  

An Historic Moment 1994  

For the first time in the history of the Diocese of Washington, five woman of different offices serve the parish during Holy Eucharist. (L-R: Seminarian: Kathy Lewis, Rector: Dr. Vienna Cobb Anderson, Suffragan Bishop: Jane Holmes Dixon, Associate Rector: Meg Graham, and Deacon: Margaret Schwarzer) 

St. Francis Sunday 1997  

Associate rector, the Rev. Bill Wendt and interim rector, the Rev. Gene Sutton celebrate the blessing of the animals on the front steps of the church in October 1997. 

The Rev. Susan Blue's Institution as Rector  

Taken on the occasion of the Reverend Susan N. Blue's installation as the seventh Rector of St. Margaret's, this group shot presents the clergy in attendance. From left to right they are [back row]: the Rev. Jim Fenhagen, the Rev. Charles Cureton (Presbyterian), and the Rev. Eugene Sutton; [middle row] the Rev. Janice Robinson, the Rev. Mary Laney, the Rev. Susan N. Blue, the Rev. Albert Scariato, the Rev. Meg Graham; [front row] the Rev. Robert E. Hensley, the Rev. Lynn E. Cunningham, the Rev. William Wendt, the Rev. Dr. Vienna Cobb Anderson, and the Rev. Margaret Schwarzer. 
The Bishop's visit 2003  

Our Diocesan Bishop John Chane presents the children's sermon during his visit in 2003. He's obviously enchanted our youngsters! 
Maggie's Place Inaugural Cabaret  

The performers from our first "Maggie's Place" Cabaret evening at St. Margaret's. L-R: Will Heim, bass; Cindy Hutchins, alto; Michael Armstrong, Cabaret Manager; Ted Guerrant, accompanist; Jason Leavitt, tenor; and Kelly Smith, soprano. 

Special Recognition  

Members of Charlie's Place leadership and St. Margaret's vestry listen as the Proclamation is read by a representative of the District of Columbia city council. (From left to right, DC Council member Graham's assistant and Charlie's Place Advisory Board member, Ted Losa; Senior Warden, Polly Donaldson; Charlie's Place Former Executive Director, Mary Sebold; Ross Weisiger; longtime volunteer and Outreach Ministry Chairperson, Nancy Lewis.) 

Selected as a Jubilee ministry in the Episcopal Church, USA for its service to our community, Charlie's Place was also honored by the City Council and Mayor of the District of Columbia. Friday, January 30th was declared to be Charlie's Place Day in the District of Columbia by proclamation of the Mayor and City Council. This event coincided with both the 14th Anniversary of Charlie's Place and the 109th Convention of the Diocese of Washington (where Charlie's Place was also honored for its acheivements.)