Acolyte Training

    Amy Ruberl has recently agreed to serve as Acolyte Coordinator. Initially, she will focus on recruitment and training before moving on to rewriting the Acolyte Manual. 

    Now is your chance to serve as to service as a Crucifer (carry the cross), Torchbearer (carry a torch), or Thurifer (use the censer). We're looking for parishioners of ALL ages, attending either service, experienced or not to serve as acolytes on a monthly. 

    The first acolyte training will take place on Saturday, December 11 starting at 10 a.m. We will teach you the basics and let you physically experience each item you will use. We welcome both old and new acolytes to our training. For more information or to volunteer please contact Amy Ruberl, Acolyte Co-coordinator, or Charlie Briggs, Verger.