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worth waiting for - Reflection for November 13, 2014

posted Nov 20, 2014, 1:46 PM by Parish Administrator

"I lost my way, I forgot to call on your name. The raw heart beat against the world, and the tears were for my lost victory. But you are here. You have always been here. The world is all forgetting, and the heart is a rage of directions, but your name unifies the heart, and the world is lifted into its place. Blessed is the one who waits in the traveler's heart for his turning."  

Leonard Cohen "Poem #50," from his classic book of contemporary psalms "The Book of Mercy" (McClelland & Stewart, 1986).

Advent looms on the horizon, but the very idea of "waiting" is becoming more and more antiquated. Patience has never 

been my strong suit, and I have never been keen on waiting, and I am finding it harder and harder in this immediate gratification culture to wait.  Every pause in the day, feels like an annoyance: every moment on hold, every second my computer takes, every stop light.  Waiting becomes something for the unimportant and the powerless.  Really, what is worth waiting for? 

Advent is perhaps the greatest gift that we can offer our world.  Advent offers a new kind of joy --- the spiritual discipline of waiting.  Through this season, we learn that the times of waiting are the times when we open ourselves to the divine.  In the times where we must pause, in the moments of uncertainty and expectation, there lies the opportunity to experience the true longing of our hearts.


What if we waited for 10 minutes between the time we opened our eyes in the morning and the time we opened our smartphone or tablet? What if we waited 60 seconds before we scarfed down our lunch?  What would we learn about ourselves?  About God?  Perhaps we would come to know that God has simply been waiting for us.