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Waking Up ... Reflection for September 5

posted Aug 29, 2014, 3:11 PM by Parish Administrator

Waking Up.  


There are times in my life when I need a reminder, a wake-up call, to remind me who I am called to be.  Bishop Steven Charleston, teacher, preacher, and mystic is one of those elders I've come to rely on for words of wisdom and encouragement.  I share these words with you.


"Time to wake up. Time to let the spiritual alarm clock within my soul ring me into awareness. No more religion set on auto pilot. No more taking the impact of my values for granted. 


There are people around me I need to pay attention to, people waiting for me to notice them. There are new challenges to discover, new chances to practice what I preach. 


It is so easy to drift into the comfortable notion that I have learned all I need to be a person of faith, that I have arrived and can settle in to relax with God. Time to shake off the dust of my own privilege. Time to wake up, get up, and be active. Love now, sleep later."

The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, Choctaw