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The Small Things - Reflection for January 22

posted Jan 30, 2015, 11:37 AM by Parish Administrator

"It is for the small things that we can be grateful, the many little blessings that surround us each day: simply waking up to a new morning, laughing with an old friend, watching a child take its first steps out into the world, seeing the clouds change shape beneath the sheltering sun. There are so many of these moments of grace, they float past us like colored leaves caught on the breeze,  reminders of God's presence nearby, constant images of beauty and goodness. Even when we walk in the twilight of life, through the shadows that always come, they are lights along our path, blessed assurance to guide us to hope."

The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, Choctaw


As we reach the part of winter that seems interminable, I find it hard to maintain my good cheer.  The clouds weigh heavily on the day.  And even though I know that the days are getting longer, the darkness still looms.  In these times, I have to be intentional about my gratitude.  I have to make space every day to stop and remind myself of my many blessings. 


Under these clouds there is still beauty to behold.  The winter light is unique and beautiful in its own way.  But if I don't stop and look, I might miss it.  I love Bishop Charelston's reminder that God's presence is always nearby, that there are reminders of God's love all around us. 


As these winter days stretch on, I pray that we can all adjust our vision to see the small, beautiful testaments to grace we encounter every day.