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So Busy - Reflection for March 12, 2015

posted May 5, 2015, 7:53 AM by Parish Administrator
So busy.


Annual Parish Meetings in Episcopal churches are all about busyness -- innumerable details of our life together get raised up in front of us for observation and celebration. So it felt providential to stumble across this prayer from almost five centuries ago written by a woman struggling with her own busyness. 


"How is it, my God that you have given me this hectic busy life when I have so little time to enjoy your presence.  Throughout the day people are waiting to speak to me, and even at meals I have to continue talking to people about their needs and problems.  During sleep itself I am still thinking and dreaming about the multitude of concerns that surround me.  ... To me my present pattern of life is a torment; I only hope that for you it is truly a sacrifice of love.  I know that you are constantly beside me, yet I am usually so busy that I ignore you.  If you want me to remain so busy, please force me to think about and love you even in the midst of such hectic activity.  If you do not want me so busy, please release me from it, showing how others can take over my responsibilities." 

(Teresa of Avila - 1525-1582 - quoted in Soul Weavings: A Gathering of Women's Prayers


How do you invite God into the midst of your busyness?  And how can we help one another to bear one anothers' busyness when it inevitably becomes too much?