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Reflection for June 11, 2015 --

posted Jun 18, 2015, 12:33 PM by Parish Administrator

Pentecost Moments


My Confirmation and Ordination were initiated forty-three years ago, when my Aunt Albertine (the family Episcopalian) stood before the community of St. Joseph's Episcopal Church and took baptismal vows on my behalf.  As the water was poured on my head, my sacramental faith journey began.  I was marked and sealed as Christ's own forever.

As far as my Christian formation was concerned, my family did their part, as best they could.

Despite their taking (sometimes dragging) me to church, early on, I decided that I was not particularly interested in the community of faith. But along the way, I experienced a moment:  a moment when I recognized and acknowledged the presence of Holy in my life.  It was a profound moment; it was a hope-filled moment; a Pentecost moment.  Unfortunately, thosemoments don't last forever and it is easy to forget what they were or what they meant. 

Every now and then, I need a reminder of why I do what I do: why I am who I am.   This week, I was particularly grateful for these words: 

"Long ago, at some time and place known only to you, the Spirit brought your routine to a sudden halt, surprised you with the rush of mighty wings, held time as still as a hot summer day, and revealed to you a vision of who you are, what you could accomplish, how you are unique in the gifts of God. It is not a moment you share easily, but hold in memory, a deep reminder of your own sacred sight. Like an underground river, that vision has run through your life like a thread of holy strength, sustaining you when times were hard, delighting you when you were at your best. 

Today, please celebrate your vision, your calling, your chance to become."                                                            

The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, Choctaw