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Rector's Reflection for November 24, 2013

posted Nov 22, 2013, 12:03 PM by Parish Administrator

After Disaster.


This past week, I've found myself glued to the Weather Channel and the images of the aftermath from typhoon Hailan and of the tornadoes that swept across the mid-west. The devastation is almost surreal; it is difficult to imagine that each desolate venue is the remainder of what had been someone's life or livelihood.


One piece of video footage that has stuck with me was footage of a huge tornado, ripping through a neighborhood. As the man films the storm, he begins praying the Lord's Prayer. In a later interview, the filmmaker said that he and his family went out after the storm to try and help those who needed aid.


While I'm never sure how much of what's on television is real, this story served as a model for me. The story reminded me that there will be times in life where we have no control over the outcome of events. It reminded me that there are forces of destruction in this world that we cannot stop on our own. Yet we can mark them, name them and document them so that others can bear witness with us. And we can pray for the people who are endangered.  Commending others to God's care is a powerful expression of our love in the face of our helplessness.


After we've prayed, the next task is finding ways to be of service, to offer aid, to lift up those who have fallen and bind up those who are broken. Sometimes the best we can do is give a dollar; sometimes we can only give our time. But, the act of serving is important. This is the work that keeps our prayers grounded. And it is in doing this work that we experience the light of hope and the blessing of love that survives the most devastating tragedy.