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Rector's Reflection for June 7, 2013

posted Jun 8, 2013, 8:03 PM by Terry Brady
Dear Lord, thank you so much for the gift of this person in my life.  Thank you for the love and laughter and friendship we share. You know how much I rely on him, and need him. It is so easy to get caught up in the frantic pace of everyday life and to take the blessing of this partnership for granted. Help me to love my spouse more unselfishly and to be appreciative of all that I get back.  May this marriage you have called us into, be a way to glorify you in our lives, in every moment of this day and every day.  Bless our family and keep them all safe today. I ask this humbly and gratefully.

                      Adapted from the Advent Prayers Creighton U Online Ministries


I began praying a version of this prayer last Advent. The original prayer addressed the stress of the holiday season and focused on keeping my heart thankful and holding the marital relationship in focus. As the seasons of the church rolled on, I found myself adapting the prayer to each season. As Mark and I reach our sixteenth anniversary, I find myself still praying it. It reminds me that a good relationship is not a given; it is a gift that I choose over and over again.


Most days I marvel at my marriage. My family of origin is fraught with divorce and estranged relationships of all sorts. Before our wedding I was petrified that I was genetically disposed to "being bad at marriage." But my friend Jay Foster pulled me aside and said, "Look, a good marriage takes 3 things: love, hard work, and magic (some people call it Grace). And it takes ALL THREE, but that's all it takes."


My experience so far has proven Jay right. There are days when it feels like I've known Mark my whole life and other days when it feels like we just met. And in all of those days there is love, hard work, and just enough grace to make it beautiful. In the last 16 years, Mark and I have experienced the range of our vows: richer and poorer, sickness and health, kids and more kids. We have had to adapt game plans constantly. Fortunately, we manage to remember that we are on the same team.


I don't know that we manage to glorify God in every aspect of our married life; in fact I'm fairly certain that we fall short a lot.   But that is our goal: to give praise to the God who gave us to each other by treasuring the gift given. And while we work towards it, I continue to hold my spouse and our marriage in prayer. I also pray for each of you in your relationships that through each other you might know the love, joy, and grace that God wants to share with you.