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Rector's Reflection for Feb. 20, 2014

posted Feb 25, 2014, 9:39 AM by Parish Administrator   [ updated Feb 25, 2014, 9:40 AM ]

As the sun teases us with warmth and the promise of spring, I share these words from Brian McLaren that I’ve been pondering:

…there are many ways we can back away from the promise of this mystery [Why:  When You Have Come to Zero].  We can try to turn our pain into anger by blaming someone, even God.  We can take the drug of retaliation by scapegoating, by finding someone or something on whom to vent our pent up anger.  We can construct elaborate theodicies…   These approaches retrieve us from the void; they’re attempts to return from autumn into Indian summer.

But if we don’t turn back, if we allow ourselves to go naked into the void, we render ourselves vulnerable to a strange discovery: that we exist, that God has given us space to exist –even when God does not seem to exist.  To be abandoned is to find out how real you are…Yes, this can be terrifying…But along with terrifying, this realization can be electrifying…

If we dare to persevere, if we dare to keep holding our why of lament through the longest, darkest night of the year, morning will come.  And when it comes we will carry a new gravitas, a new substance, and new reality worthy of that word “glory.”  We will find the new day is a moment longer and the next night a moment shorter.  And the turning of a season will have begun, even though the cold of winter hasn’t yet begun to show its full force.                                                                                 

from Brian McLaren, Naked Spirituality