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Rector's Reflection for August 21, 2013

posted Aug 25, 2013, 1:10 PM by Terry Brady

While I was on vacation, one of my children remarked, "Mom, all you are doing is reading!"


In a perfect world, maybe that is all I'd do. I treasure my time to read and try to make the most of it. Many have asked me what I've been reading this summer and so this week's reflection is a brief synopsis of the Rector's Summer Reading list.


1) The Last Dragon Chronicles, Chris d'Lacey - this 7 volume series was recommended by my daughter weaves the mysteries of time and creation with dragon cosmology.


2) The Mortal Instruments, vols. 1-5, Cassandra Clare - angels and demons and shadow hunters....enough said.


3) Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, Lucy Knisley- this graphic novel tells the tale of growing up a "foodie" and features a cameo of St. Margaret's own Thomas Head! Poignant, informative and always funny, the book includes recipes!


4) Legend, Marie Lu, - the California coast has sunk and what is left of North America has plunged into civil war; this book is the story of how two kids from different worlds learn what lengths "the authorities" will go to in order to maintain power. I found this book well written, if a little dark.


5) Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, Susannah Cahalan- a young journalist begins having symptoms: hallucinations, paranoia, obsessive thoughts, followed by seizures. This book is an examination of all we don't know about mental illness, its diagnosis, and treatment and the difference support and access makes.


6) Praying the Lord's Prayer, J.I. Packer, -Anglican theologian who simply effuses about the power of the prayer Jesus taught his disciples. He asserts that as Christians, "we never get beyond this prayer." A wonderful reminder.


Happy reading!