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Prayer When Facing Violence - July 16, 2014

posted Jul 24, 2014, 8:26 AM by Parish Administrator

I usually set aside Friday mornings as my prayer time.  I intentionally save a block of the morning to pray for everyone who asked for (or that I offered) my prayers. 


This morning however, the headlines about the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down, the children on US borders, and the on-going death and destruction in Gaza left me at a loss for words.


There are days when I'm just overwhelmed by the violence in the world.  It makes no sense to me that we human beings cannot find better options.  And the violence that I read about makes me question what violence lives in me. 


Fortunately, the Holy Spirit interceded (as She does).  I found and adapted this prayer from the Archdiocese of New Orleans.  I share it in hopes that it might help you find words.


To Whom Shall We Go?


God of Goodness,


You know that the violence in our world is out of control.

It is taking our helpless and innocent ones; it is taking our children.


And, we confess that beyond the violence in our cities, there is the violence in our own hearts.


We contribute to a culture of violence whenever we give in to hatred, fear, indifference, and our own self-satisfaction; when we grow numb to the suffering, the loss, the indignity done to our sisters and brothers and to our Earth.


Claim our hearts Lord; help us to value life and beauty over self-interest, and to value sharing over greed.


Empower us to acknowledge and affirm your goodness in our children, our spouses, our neighbors and seek respectful solutions to our conflicts.


Create in us a world where it is easier to be gracious and generous and kind. 


Your spirit dwells powerfully in us, enabling each one of us, living in your peace, to bring peace in world.


Make us realize that we are one - one body, one people, one earth; by Your design, we thrive or we perish together.

Holy One, give us the grace of hope.


Enable us to witness to your goodness and truth that we might work to restore every community to wholeness and life. 


Let us not be crippled by the violence and fear we find in our midst, trusting that your desire is abundant life for all.

We pray in the name of your redeeming love.   Amen.