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on the cusp of Lent - February 5, 2016

posted Feb 5, 2016, 11:50 AM by Parish Administrator
"Jesus clearly intends for us to to see clearly, so that we can be of real help to other people.We
Br. John Braught SSJE.
absolutely cannot convincingly proclaim God's love and forgiveness, while we remain unloving and unforgiving ourselves."   - Br. John Braught SSJE

Bill Withers
During an NPR interview, R&B recording artist Bill Withers was asked if he was happy.  He responded that total happiness required one to be blind to certain things that he'd rather not be blind to.

His assertion has come to me, again and again because there are days when I wish I could be blind to some of the things in our world: blind to the news of Nichole Lovell, a 13 year old whose life was taken and the two college students charged with her murder; blind and deaf to the bickering and posturing of political candidates; blind to the atrocities committed by extremists like Boko Haram in every corner of the world.

There are days when I think that selective blinders would be nice.  But as I sit on the cusp of Lent, I am reminded that Jesus wants us to see: not as a voyeur sees, but as the Creator sees.  To see the pain in the world as a call to be different, and to see the suffering in the world as a call to action, is to see with eyes of love. To recognize ourselves in both the victims and the perpetrators is to see with eyes of mercy and perhaps glimpse a vision of the truth, justice, and miracle of the Incarnation.

Clear insight may not make for absolute happiness.  But for those who are willing to look at the world and see with eyes of faith, we may just see the beauty that is so amazing that our Lord would be willing to be crucified for it.