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My Faith, Your Faith

posted Aug 29, 2015, 12:07 PM by Farar Elliott   [ updated Aug 29, 2015, 12:07 PM ]
Last week I posted a brief reflection from The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston in which he described his faith. He ended his reflection with this: "How about you? How many ways can you describe what and how you believe? In naming it, we name ourselves. In living it, we become the intimate other."

I am convinced that Bishop Charleston is right. One of the ways in which we build spiritual community is by sharing how our faith molds us, challenges us, sustains us. We Episcopalians tend to be reticent when it comes to describing our faith, and I hope the people of St. Margaret's church can change this custom.  

With this in mind, I invite you, every one of you to tell me, in 150 words or less, about your faith.  What does it feel like?  What does it look like in action?  What does it add to your life and your relationships?

I hope your will take me up on my offer: email me, write me a letter (1830 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC  20009), Facebook me.  I am eager to hear from you, and I hope you will allow me eventually to share your thoughts here in the "Rector's Reflections" column, so that our whole church can be blessed by you and your faith journey.