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My Faith - a voice from the pews

posted Sep 11, 2015, 6:08 AM by Farar Elliott
Thank you everyone taking the time to share your insights on faith with me.  I have received several moving responses and I hope to receive more.  The following, shared by Terry Brady (faithful member who relocated to Seattle, WA) was one of the first that arrived in my inbox.  He has given me permission to share it with you.   

Dear Kym -
I saw your reflection asking folks to share their perception of their faith.  I was intrigued by your questions and I realized how much I miss being asked questions like this.  I wanted to share some thoughts.
I miss you and I miss St. Margaret's.  I am glad that I can still hear your sermons from a distance.
Love, Terry

I am aware that the practice of my faith feels most natural in community and that practicing faith deepens my connection to community.  Some of the promises of our tradition (resurrection, everlasting life) are difficult to hold with confidence, yet the stories and shared experiences of community can create holy moments that make those promises more real.

Away from community, my faith is more abstract.  In that space, my faith is a call to a larger value system beyond myself.  My faith is a belief that there is more purpose, depth, and meaning than is immediately apparent.  My faith leads me to belief that if I hold a question with intention ( prayer?), that question will become more deep and congruent.
I hope my faith makes me kinder, more malleable and authentic.  I hope my faith pushes me to expand my view of the world and to see reality with hope.