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Living Our Prayer

posted Jul 31, 2015, 9:47 AM by Farar Elliott

If we do not radiate the light of Christ around us, the sense of the darkness that prevails in the world will increase. We are called to love the world. And God loved the world so much that God gave Jesus. Today God loves the world so much that God gives you and me to be God's love, God's compassion, and God's presence, through a life of prayer, of sacrifice, of surrender to God.  The response that God asks of you is to be a contemplative. 

Prayer is the very life of oneness, of being one with Christ. Therefore, prayer is as necessary as the air, as the blood in our body, as anything, to keep us alive to the grace of God. To pray generously is not enough, we must pray devotedly, with fervor and piety. We must prayer perseveringly and with great love. If we don't pray, our presence will have no power and our words will have no power. 

We need prayers in order to better carry out the work of God, and so that in every moment we may know how to be completely available to God. We should make every effort to walk in the presence of God in all the persons we meet, to live our prayer throughout the day.

Excerpt from No Greater Love, a book a lessons, writings, and teachings of Mother Teresa