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Faith Casts Out Fear

posted Jun 3, 2016, 11:17 AM by Parish Administrator
In one of the churches I served there was a woman who would always say, "Faith casts out fear." She said it to me often enough that it became one of those things that stick, mantra like in my head.  When I read this post by Kaze Gadway this week,it caused me to reflect on how real the fear is in our world.  There are so many people who are scared.  And it makes me wonder what can we say, who can we be, for those who are scared? 

by Kaze Gadway

A man comes over to where I am sitting. He sits down on the bench. He munches on a
sandwich. “I’m scared. People are so much meaner than they used to be. Today I was shoved off the sidewalk. People say things out loud that they used to be polite about. What is happening to our society? I’m scared. People hate those who are different and I am different. I’m tired of being treated like a dog.”

I don’t know what to say. I too have noticed that people say unkind things without thinking. Bullies have taken over on the internet and school halls. I think of the human journey I have been on; where I have learned to appreciate and value the differences in people.

I look at him in the eye. “I think you are a blessing.” His face tightens and his voice catches as he says “Thanks.”

“Stay safe,” I say as he walks away.

I used to tell people to have a good day. Now I tell them to stay safe. It has become a scary world for those who are different.