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Dance within the Storm

posted Jul 9, 2015, 10:36 AM by Farar Elliott
I began my week with this meditation.  I have returned to it so many times, I figure it is worth sharing.


Do not retreat into your private world,

That place of safety, sheltered from the storm,

Where you may tend your garden, seek your soul,

And rest with loved ones where the fire burns warm.

To tend a garden is a precious thing.

But dearer still is the one where all may roam,

The weeds of poison, poverty and war,

Demand your care, all who call the earth home.


To seek your soul it is a precious thing,

But you will never find it on your own.

Only among the clamor, threat, and pain

Of other people's need will love be known.


To rest with loved ones is a precious thing.

But peace of mind exacts a higher cost,

Your children will not rest and play in quiet,

While they still hear the crying of the lost.


Do not retreat into your private world,

There are more ways than firesides to keep you warm;

There is no shelter from the rage of life,

So meet its eye, and dance within the storm."


Kathy Galloway, Iona Community, Scotland

From Soul Weavings, ed. Lyn Klug