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Ashes - Reflection for February 20, 2015

posted May 5, 2015, 7:36 AM by Parish Administrator

A beautiful reflection on Ash Wednesday by writer, minister and mystic Kaze Gadway, Oneida.





I'm not afraid of dying. But I am of dementia. I don't want to decay. I want to go out whole. Iunderstand that is probably something I cannot control.

 Today is Ash Wednesday. From dust thou art and to dust you shall return.

I don't know when I will become final dust so I participate in an ancient rite of someone placing ashes on my forehead. I affirm that I will die. So let me live this day as a new day and not just another day.

This is a day I remember to notice what is good, what is profound and what will last. This is the day I approach in silence as I breathe the sage and rest myself in that which is holy. This is the day I encounter others with kindness and see every tree and cloud and rock with gratitude.

This is the day I celebrate as my last day and my first day: My day to forgive and my day to expect wonders.

This is the cross and empty tomb day. Out of the ashes comes something new. I resist dying to old things in which I have become comfortable. Yet I know that old things have to change, to die, to be transformed. So I die to my posturing, my exaggerations of what I accomplish, my wanting to be better than others and so on. It is a good thing to choose how I die that I may live in a different way-- it is all mingled together in hot/cold ashes.


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