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posted Jan 8, 2016, 12:46 PM by Farar Elliott
At the beginning of every new year I ask myself, "How have I grown in my relationship with God?"  and "What can I do to make the relationship better?"  I ask similar questions of myself on my wedding anniversary with respect to my spouse.  And since coming to St. Margaret's four years ago, I ask them about my relationship with my church.

The questions that I ask of my walk with God and my walk in the other important relationships in my life often have parallel answers.  My faith journey this year has been about trust.  And as I have tried expanding my trust of God (in thought, word and deed), I have focused on expanding my trust in my congregational leadership, more specifically St. Margaret's Vestry. 

Having been blessed these past 4 years with good and talented Vestries, I decided that it was time for me to offer to trust them with more: more honesty, more uncertainty, and more reliance.  As with any act of faith, this was a fairly scary endeavor.  And when we begin to take a relationship seriously, it will become more complicated.

Nonetheless, I am happy to say that my leap of faith has been rewarded.  I have been so impressed with the Vestry, as individuals and as a group.  By offering them my trust, I have learned what a dedicated, prayerful, and faithful Vestry we have serving this church.  

I want you to know how committed they are to the hard work they do on your behalf.  All Vestry members give of their time, talent and treasure, and they serve diligently because -- like every Vestry I have had the pleasure of serving with at St. Margaret's -- they deeply love this community.

And so on this, my 4th anniversary as your Rector, I thank God for the gift of this congregation.  I thank God especially for: Cathie Siders, Ron Lorentzen. Charlie Grizzle, John McCall, Genevieve Moreland, Jane Quenk, Dan Sealy, Melissa Shaw, James Staton, Carlin Rankin, Kate Weber, and Ann Yonemura.