25 Things about The Rev. Kym Lucas

The Reverend Kimberly D. (Kym) Lucas 

25 Things About Me

1.  I have been a Pittsburgh Steelers fan since I was 7 years old. (I will, however, root for the Redskins whenever they play the Cowboys.) 

2.  I am a cradle Episcopalian. 

3.  I have an older brother (by 8 years) and two younger sisters (by 7 and 8 years, respectively). 

4.  I spell the shortened version of my name with a “Y” because I grew up in a small town with a cousin (3 years younger than I am) with the same name. So I became “Kym” instead of “Kim.” 

5.  March Madness is my last bit of happiness between the end of NFL football and the long, boring summer sports season. 

6.  It took me 8 years to convince my husband to marry me (I had to chase him!). 

7.  I always planned to have 3 children (my third child came with a bonus baby!). 

8.  I have a serious coffee/chocolate problem; I cannot survive without either of them! 

9.  You will find all of these artists on my iPod: Kanye West, Kate Bush, Katy Perry, Kenney Chesney, Kem, Kevin Rudolph, KC and the Sunshine Band, Kirk Franklin, K’Jon. 

10.  I have been known to suddenly break into song and/or dance for no apparent reason (much to my children’s embarrassment!). 

11.  I love sushi and most any vegetable slathered in enough butter (with the exception of brussels sprouts because, quite frankly, there isn’t enough butter in the world!). 

12.  All of my sons are named after birds (their middle names) because . . . . . . . . I like birds. 

13.  I still haven’t figured out how to Tweet (I welcome tutorials!). 

14.  I spent 6 months studying in England. 

15.  Hablo un poco español, pero tengo que practicar. 

16.  My family has banned me from skiing because of all of the injuries I have collected from my attempts. 

17.  My favorite vacations are at the beach (see note above). 

18. I have obtained the rank of green belt in karate (my son, Jaden, is already a black belt and bosses me around at the dojo). 

19.  I love the Gospel, the Episcopal Church, and being a follower of Jesus. 

20.  I have read all of the Percy Jackson books, the Kane Chronicles and Harry Potter. 

21.  My second favorite thing about my husband is his ability to make me laugh. 

22.  I love dogs (especially German Shepherds!). 

23.  I like cats too; I just don’t like litter boxes. 

24.  For me, bacon is its own food group. 

25. I was in discernment with 3 churches named after St. Margaret. Fortunately, God called me to the coolest one!